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Management Team

R K Bansal - Chairman

Mr. Bansal is an engineering graduate from Allahabad University. He is an industry veteran with 40 years land acquisition and development experience. He spearheads the group's mission to utilize the latest in construction technology. Mr. Bansal's foresight steers the group to reach new heights.

Naresh Mittal - Vice Chairman

Mr. Naresh Mittal is the patriarch of the group and brings with him 25 years of international business operations and management experience. Mr. Mittal's leadership has hoisted the business to a quantum leap to make it an international group.

Vinod Mittal - Vice Chairman

Mr. Vinod Mittal brings over 30 years of business planning and development experience with MNC's in India and abroad. He is a widely accomplished in the education and Healthcare sector and is a figure of route in the Indian business conclave.

Amit Bansal - Managing Director and CEO

Amit Bansal is an MBA from California State University, USA. He leads the group's marketing and finance activities in addition to his responsibilities to the companies' shareholders. He brings with him 10 years of international work experience with companies such as Time Warner.

Sumit Bansal - Joint Managing Director

Sumit Bansal – a law graduate, his primary focus is on acquisition diligence. His enterprising and dynamic spirit helps the company to enter new markets and execute new undertakings in a timely and efficient manner.

S.K. Garg - Director Development

Mr. S.K.Garg is an engineering graduate from Allahabad University. He has 35 years of experience in project engineering with the government of India. At Innovative, he takes care of the techno-economic feasibility and execution of the projects.